Saturday, 7 November 2009

Extraordinary Pigeons.. Yeah

in doing research for a visual metaphor exercise in the library my team mate made a superb find, a book entitled Extraordinary Pigeons. I was quickly distracted from the work as I began flicking through this crazy book, It was quite hard to keep the laughter down.. I didn't mind the tears though. Absolutely Epic.

I love it when you call me big figure..

This project is has easily been my favorite one yet. The brief was to create either a good or bad character using a visual metaphors on an usual scale of 3(w) x 9(h) A4 sheets. Has to be said that working at this scale was a pain in the.. neck, Photoshop took ages rendering any minor changes as well as saving.

We brainstormed out ideas for awhile before deciding to tackle the brief of using a bad person. You were allowed to eleborate and develop the idea of the person being bad in any way you felt nessercery. Me and my team thought a corporate boss was a nice starting point, we quickly developed the idea by stating that he made all his earnings from exploiting third world countries via sweatshops.

After 17 hours of slaving away on our design we finally finished and made our deadline. We got a really good response from our classmates and our especially our lecturers. Another job well done i'm thinking. Looking forward to the next brief!

Ohhh quick question..
..why the hell does a PSD have a size limit of 2GB? It makes absolutely no sense.. And I like how they know your file is over the limit when you tell it to save, but it attempts it for about 15 minutes then decides to tell you your file is to big and that you have to save it as a PSB? Nice one adobe!