Sunday, 31 January 2010

Magazine Layout - Neville Brody

Happy new year! (a little belated). Back for another term of wonderful design and innovation at BAGC1, UWIC.. Only three weeks in and already on to our second assignment, one in which we learn about designing running publications such as a magazine; grids, columns, type hierarchy and type harmony are all included in this assignments teachings,

The brief: To produce two magazine layouts, one post-modernist and one modernist. Chose one a designer from each discipline, write an article about them and their work then appropriate their style to your design.

Post Modern Layout

(For a full view click the image)

To start with I was struggling with come up with an aesthetically pleasing design because I had to work in the style of someone else, After looking through 'The Graphic Language of Neville Brody' I found some inspiration and end up with the piece of work above. I am currently still working on the Modernist layout, when its complete I will upload.