Sunday, 7 February 2010

Magazine Layout - Jan Tschichold

The second piece is complete!! I had to get my Tschichold time on and design a magazine layout using modernist principles (hierarchy, path for the eye and strong use of negative space), Tschichold is one of the fathers of modernism, writing the first typography 'how to book'. If the truth is told I spent a lot more time developing the Brody layout, I felt it was best to have one really good piece than two mediocre pieces. The design is based on one of his posters for an exhibition, I liked the simplicity and elegance, inspiring me to appropriate the style. All in all, I particularly enjoyed this project and feel that magazine design is possibly the area of graphic design I would wish to go into.

(For a full view click the image)

The next project begins early Monday morning (Ughhhh!) despite this fact i am looking forward to the brief (developing TV idents), I have a few ideas buzzing around my head already.

Au revoir
! xx