Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sustainable Me: Group Print

The first term of second year.. ugh, We were set the theme of sustainability in which he had to produce four outcomes, two screen based and two print based pieces each media consisting of one individual and one group.

This is my group print outcome, We emailed designers asking them their position on sustainability, the message we delivered is intended to be relevant to their response. The design agency we contacted disregarded the practice of sustainability stating that they believed the duty wasn't down to them, but down to the government and other authoritative organisations.

Our idea was that we would develop material that would be delivered to design agencies as a military operation to give that initial impact. The material would be designed reflecting each agencies profile, the agency we contacted designed for a lot of out pursuit centres and companies of that nature, hence the army/survival guide theme.

(Design and created by: Jay Price, Alex Morris and Jessica Curtis)